Baking is my passion and I want to share that passion with everyone! 


Mrs. Edwards Bakery is a cottage bakery offering a wide variety of sweet treats inspired by family traditions and recipes. 

Let us do the baking for your parties or special events. 

We offer free consultations on any order along with top-notch customer service. 

Our products are made with quality ingredients while keeping your budget in mind –

Making Life a Little Sweeter. 

 My rustic comfort style of baking allows me to create delicious treats and bread without fuss or fancy ingredients.


Homemade baked goods are a great way to support local businesses and get freshly-made treats.

They are made with quality ingredients and are made with care and love.

Not only do my homemade baked goods taste delicious, but they can also be a healthier option than store-bought items.

If you want to enjoy something special, homemade baked goods are the perfect treat!