I am Becky Edwards, born in Cleveland Ohio and raised in the Polish community of Garfield Heights Ohio. Because of my great uncle Ed (a baker himself), I grew up with a Czechoslovakian influence, and of course with traditions of my family.

One such tradition, that still carries on today, comes from my grandmother who used to bake dozens of cookies every Christmas for all of the grand kids. She would package these beautifully decorated cookies in large coffee tins for each one of us. Beyond such childhood memories of this tradition, I  find this as a key element in my passion to create something special for others to enjoy.

It’s traditions like this that influence my baking and how I approaches and develops my personal style which I call “Rustic Comfort”.  Even with the influence of her family, I don’t  limit my creativity to family traditions alone. My Rustic Comfort style also includes my husband’s traditions which are rooted in English baking.  I have also gained knowledge of baking through my experience at local restaurants and bakeries.

I am always looking to learn new techniques to expand my skills. As a small business owner, my passion and creativity drive me to develop new products while keeping within my baking traditions. My soap making business, Birdie’s Soap Nest, is a central focus where I apply my talents as a cake decorator. As my first passion has always been baking, it should be no surprise that I have incorporated bakery inspired products in my soap making.